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Once a grimy, rustbelt town, Pittsburgh has staged a remarkable renaissance in recent times: It is the only city rated among the top five "Most Liveable" in all three editions of the Places Rated Almanac. Pittsburgh is safe, clean, affordable and fun - qualities that both visitors and residents appreciate. International visitors find Pittsburgh a refreshingly authentic experience of an American city, free of pretense and filled with everything from the world-class Pittsburgh Opera and eye-popping Andy Warhol Museum to the small delights of cozy neighborhoods. Pittsburgh's wealth of music, dance, theater and nightclubs includes everything from the delicate strings of The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to the pulse of industrial dancing at Metropol/Rosebud. The Oakland area offers many attractions: see the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh (formerly the Carnegie Institute), which include a library, music hall, the world's first museum of modern art (opened in 1895), the Carnegie Science Center and the museum of natural history, where you will find an outstanding dinosaur collection.

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