Petrocortyne A

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Racemic Synthesis and Fluorous Mixture Synthesis of Petrocortyne A and Its Diastereomers

Petrocortyne A, a novel polyacetylene isolated from the marine sponge Petrosia sp., exhibits potent antimicrobial, cytotoxic, and antitumour activities.  Petrocortyne A contains the characteristic long-chain acetylenes and two stereocenters separated by 11 carbons.  Although the absolute configurations of the stereocenters were assigned, there remained some ambiguity.  We are currently synthesizing all 4 stereoisomers of Petrocortyne A via Fluorous Mixture Synthesis (FMS) and the racemic synthesis. We hope to address the issue of the absolute stereo assignments

Racemic Total Synthesis of Petrocortyne

Petracortyne A

Fluorous Mixture Total Synthesis of Petrocortyne A + 3 Isomers

Petrocortyne A