Dictyostatin and Its Analogs

Dictyostatin Maria
Maria Jiménez

The synthesis of various analogs of the marine natural product dictyostatin have been of great interest in our laboratory. Dictyostatin is a 22-membered macrolactone isolated in 1994 by Pettit and coworkers from the marine sponge Spongia sp.


It inhibits the growth of a variety of cancer cell lines at the low nanomolar range. Since its isolation, structure elucidation and biological activity came to light, we have synthesized a number of analogs in our laboratory in order to gain more insight regarding structure-activity relationships (SAR) studies. We aim to develop a practical, more convergent and higher yielding route to easily access dictyostatin and its simplified analogs.


Reference for isolation:

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Reference for re-isolation:

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